Get In Formation

Yesterday morning I watched Beyonce’s new video for Formation and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The political undertones were extraordinary and while people talking about Hot Sauce and Red Lobster, do yourself a favor and watch the video that accompanies the song (on her website they have a clean version for church folks who swear that cursing makes their ears bleed and young children). If you haven’t seen the video by now, at least you have heard the song. While the imagery ties everything together, the song itself speaks to Beyonce’s women empowerment movement. I mean, what woman can’t benefit from a little Black Girl Magic?

Now last night I watched Superbowl 50 in support of Cam Newton, who has been called awful names because of 1. His greatness and 2. His blackness.

But like most women I know, I watched

Beyonce’s halftime show has received much backlash from the racist community (I said racist, not white) because she made a statement for black people. She is an entertainer so why wouldn’t she use her craft to provide her opinion and support for her people. The shout out to Malcolm X and the Black Panther party speaks volumes. We, as people, are tired of being treated as second class citizens and shown how our men and boys are disposable. She made her statement and got these white folks SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS mad!

I guess they thought that their support of her would mean that she should be ok with our communities being treated the way they are treated by the people who we expect to protect us. But at the end of the day, Beyonce is a black woman who has a black husband, a black child, black cousins, siblings, neices, nephew, aunts and uncles. So why would she be expected to not feel the pain of injustice or see her family in the faces of these murdered men and women?



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