Peter Gunz and his Sister Wives!

Last night as I got my weekly dose of ratchet tv, I heard Cardi B speak realness to Peter Gunz and his women. What bothered me was Cardi’s need to apologize to Peter at the end of the show.

Cardi spoke sincerely about her allowing men to pay her bills in exchange for the love, affection and everything else women give men. Peter interjected and described her behavior as hoe-ing. Well Ms. Cardi hit Peter with a haymaker when she told him that Tara and Amina are sexing Peter and crying over him for free when all he can give them is babies and a bad reputation. People always talk bad about Cardi but last night she had Amina and Tara sitting there being pregnant and looking dumb. These are two women who are fighting over and carrying babies for and man that can’t enhance their lives. Let’s be real, Peter can’t give a woman nothing but that old tired sperm and a wet ass.

Men like Peter don’t understand the type of psychological and emotional trauma they cause while playing games with women. You cannot teach your sons how to be men because as a 50 year old manchild, Peter has yet to figure it out himself. He cannot teach his daughters what a good man looks like because he does not love himself enough to receive love.

But if you watched the show, you will see that Tara and Amina were very uncomfortable in that moment and hopefully they will work on rebuilding their self esteem.

As a woman who knows what it’s like to be broken by a man and still addicted like a fiend, I hope these women have the strength and courage to leave. I hope that Peter gets the help that he needs and really received the message Cardi was giving.

At the end of the day, Tara and Amina may as well get themselves together and learn to love one another because they are stuck with each other (Cardi B voice) FOREVA!!!!


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