Barbershop 3… Funny, Painful, Honest!

I just left the theater seeing Barbershop 3 and I must admit that I was very impressed. From a Chicagoan who actually paid money to see the EPIC FAIL that was Chiraq, I am happy to see the violence in Chicago highlighted in a respectful way.

Barbershop 3 was funny and had a few laugh out loud moments. It kept with the Barbershop fashion and discussed all the taboo things that people (black folks) think but don’t say out loud.

More than anything you could see the real and raw emotion in the script and recognize the hurt, fear, anxiety and pain that anyone who walks the streets of the South Side or has lost a loved one to the gang violence. You get to see parents fighting for their children and the tough decisions that young men make daily. Ice Cube did a great job with shedding a comedic light on real life issues as opposed to that mockingly satirical piece of trash that depicted Chicago in a film makers exploitative imagery.

Now let’s be honest, giving out free hair cuts and weaves won’t stop the violence in urban America but it’s more realistic than without pussy from men who will run up in another man’s booty hole for recreational purposes. It all comes down to getting sick and tired of being sick and tired of losing these babies (GOOD AND BAD) and giving them the opportunity to live life, make mistakes, learn lessons and be productive.


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