To The Forgotten Children on Mother’s Day

Ordinarily I would flood my fb page with pics of my mom and aunts but this year I felt a different feeling. For the past few weeks I have been thinking about my many friends and loved ones who have lost their mothers and the mothers who have lost their children. I decided to be more private about wishing my mother and aunts a Happy Mother’s Day this year. To everyone who has lost a mother:

There are never words to say that will make this day easier. I just hope that you all can find comfort in the memories of your mother’s smiles, laughs, lessons and blessings. A child is the greatest gift God can give a woman and although your mom may not be on earth, you will never lose the way she smelled, forget the way it felt to be wrapped in her arms or lose the feeling of unconditional love she gave. Although today will always be hard and a mom cannot be replaced, know that you are loved by aunts, grandmothers, cousins, friends and strangers. No one can love you like mama but you are all very loved. I pray your strength and piece of mind.

                               That Dope Black Girl 😘


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