Invisible Girl

When you’re used to living in a world where no one believes in you, no one supports you and no one nurtures you… you become invisible. You dream the dreams of dreamers and you work towards your goals. You achieve those goals and all of a sudden, everyone is so proud of you. The are proud of your accomplishment but they don’t know your journey because you were invisible. While the world moved around you, you just existed as an invisible person who often went unnoticed. You learned to love through pain and you learned to laugh in that moment just before crying. When you feel like no one in the world TRULY knows you, you become invisible. When you realize that you walk through life surrounded by selfishness, you stay invisible because your visibility only matters when it is useful. You’re invisible when you realize that there is not one person who bothers to really check on you. Not a “hey, how you doing?” but a “how is your spirit, how is your soul?” When you spend time motivating people, caring for people, supporting people, loving people and nurturing people… you become invisible. When your life revolves around other people’s happiness and the joy you can help others receive, you become invisible. But at some point, you have to learn to see yourself. You live your dreams and stop caring about how and if other people care enough to see you, nurture you, support you or applaud you. You become happy being in a lonely and invisible place. Once you step into the light of invisibility, people will begin to see you.


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