Part 1…

I strongly believe that a woman cannot teach a boy to be a man. But I also believe that a woman can teach her son respect, self worth and how to be a productive member of society. 
Today, I witnessed a mother tell me how she took a back seat to mothering her 17 year old child because she is female and he is male. I witnessed a woman tell her son that he no longer has a mother and she no longer has a son. There are too many motherless children in the world due to women choosing not to mother their children. Now I must say that this is not the first parent that I have witnessed with this mentality.
What hurt my heart was watching this 6’1, 17 year old man child cry out for his mother and tell her that he loves her. When this child looked in my eyes and asked me why his mother doesn’t love him, all I could do was hug him tightly and tell him that things would happen according to God’s plan. I watched his thin shoulders slump and heard his sobs. It made my heart break into pieces. I wanted to take this child home with me, clean him up and lift his spirit. The fact that I had to wipe his tears AND tell him to hold his held up put me in a sad space. It made me realize that there is an entire generation of children that do not know how to value themselves. 
Driving home I felt empty. I felt disgusted, disappointed and helpless. It made me realize how people really fuck children up and send them off into adulthood to try to figure out how to reverse the dysfunctions that have been ingrained in them. Luckily, some of us can recognize the changes necessary for success but the ones that can’t, don’t or won’t end up tearing through life like a natural disaster and leaving emotional damage. 
Today I don’t have the answers. Sigh…. where is the village when you need it? 


2 Replies to “Part 1…”

  1. Although it was a real life, mental and physical draining experience for you, I was able to capture your emotions and really enjoyed reading your blog. I look forward to reading more of your writings.


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